Geared up for real estate photography

High-quality real estate photography will help sell your property quickly, and for top dollar. 

With prospective buyers scrolling through hundreds and thousands of listings, you’ll need to make sure your photos are captivating and stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how to prepare your property so your photographer can capture amazing property photos.


Exterior shots are one of the first photos potential buyers will see of the property. To make your property dazzle on camera, here are some things to do:

  • Make sure lawns are mowed, gardens are weeded, hedges trimmed
  • Recycling or wheelie bins should be wheeled out of sight
  • Toys, scooters and bikes should be cleared from the driveway and can be stowed in the garage
  • You may also be required to clear cars, caravans and trailers from the driveway
  • Remove stains or dirt 


Clear the entranceway of shoes and umbrellas. Ensure pots are arranged neatly. If need be, give the entrance a good clean, including washing off any dirt or debris. 

Living room

Declutter all rooms to show openness and space.

  • Remove remotes, game equipment or DVDs
  • Stow toys, chargers, books, magazines, tissue boxes and any miscellaneous bits and pieces away
  • Open the curtains to allow light in
  • Clear the coffee table and dining table
  • Arrange furniture neatly


Clear the countertops of cutlery and ensure dishes are placed back in the cabinets and drawers. Bins and pet bowls should be hidden from the camera’s sight. Give appliances a good polish. 


Open up curtains, make the bed, plump up the pillows and depersonalize as best as you can. This means removing personal items and memorabilia such as family photos. 


Bathrooms should be spotless and streak-free. Bath mats and toiletries can be stowed away, fresh towels folded neatly. Remove products and toothbrushes.