4 ways to market your property for a quick & successful sale

To sell your property at the best possible price – and in record time – you’ll need to invest in some quality marketing. Marketing allows you to attract a wide range of potential buyers and highlight the best features of your house. 
Whether you’re hiring a real estate agent to handle it all for you, or you’re marketing yourself here are some tried-and-true marketing tips to attract potential buyers and finally close that sale. 

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Real Estate Photography

One of the first things buyers see when they’re looking to buy a home is the property photos. It doesn’t matter if it’s a TradeMe listing, newspaper or Facebook ad – it’s the first thing that a buyer will notice. And the first thing that will decide whether they click through to the listing…or promptly move on. That’s why you should hire professional photographers to capture the most beautiful and unique parts of your home. But photography alone won’t cut it, you’ll also need to ensure your house is staged so that it’s clean, well-maintained and inviting. According to New Zealand home evaluation experts, effective home staging adds 10-15% to a sale price. The good thing about investing in high-quality photos is that you can reuse the same pictures for all your other marketing material. 


Copywriting isn’t just about relaying information about your property. It’s also about connecting with potential buyers on a deeper level, piquing their interest and showcasing the best features of your house. With copywriting, you can talk to a buyer’s wishes and dreams – pulling them in. If you’re a bit of a wordsmith you can try your hand at copywriting or hire a freelance real estate copywriter to do it for you. If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure your copy is not littered with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or a dizzying amount of superlatives. Alternatively, you can find tonnes of copywriters on freelance sites like Etsy and Fiverr

Social Media Advertising

You’ll want to make sure your listing is getting out there to the right people. There’s no point in trying to sell your home, without anyone knowing about it. Promoting your listing through paid, or unpaid ads, will get the word out there about your property in the very places that people spend their time.And according to marketing.org.nz there are roughly 2.6 million Kiwi users (56% of the population) on Facebook and 1.2 million users on Instagram. 


Consider placing your ads in the property section of the local paper or publications. A majority of people still read newspapers, especially the older demographic, and don’t use social media. This will help you to cover all the bases and reach a wide range of audiences. You can also create brochures or flyers to hand out at the open home. Potential buyers can take the material home and it’ll help them to keep your property in mind.