Real Estate Production & Digital

We specialise in the intersection of real estate production, digital technology, and digital marketing. We offer a wide range of real estate photography & videography services to help you promote and sell your properties, streamline your real estate development process, and achieve your goals.

We create profitable, high-impact digital marketing campaigns and products that get results. The three principles we implement are good production design, marketing strategy, and psychological principles to change behaviours.

“The team consistently produce great quality content and have an incredible depth of marketing knowledge to distribute it with.”


What to do before my booking?

Make sure you provide us with as much information as possible of your property. This way we can make sure to tailor the right package for you.

Book at least a week in advance to secure best time slot for your property.

How to get my property ready for the photoshoot?

Please ensure the property is tidy and presentable before your shoot.

Our skilled photographers know all the best angles and will work their magic! However, if there is something you want, please communicate directly to the photographer about it.

What to do during dusk photography?

Make sure the property is well-presented and all lights are turned on. We’re working against the clock so everything should be in order.

What do I need to prepare for property videography?

Preparation is key in creating a well-crafted video. If you’re doing an intro, outro or voiceover, this may come in the form of scripts or an outline.

Our cinematic videos are very popular. You can come up with an idea or a rough outline. We’ll work with you one-on-one to storyboard this idea and turn it into reality.

Concept videos are extremely popular with audiences so the more prepared you are, the more exceptional the video.

Floor areas above 300m2

Please note that an additional $100 will be added to properties with floor areas above 300m2. View our rate card to find out more.

Can I suggest edits?

We are happy to provide edits. Do let us know what you want to be tweaked.

How do I make a booking?

Contact Creative Director, Harps, on 021 873 079 or email at

What are your turnaround times?

Photography and 2D Floorplans - 24hrs
Classic Video - 24-48hrs
Premium Video - 48-72hrs
Cinema Video - 72-96hrs
Social Teasers - 24hrs
Note: These timings do not take weekends and public holidays into consideration.

What are your prices and services?

Browse our pricing from the below button.

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