We create content that is powerful, engaging and one that drives you results.

Founded in 2015 by Creative Director Harps, Blankcanvas Production is a content creator for digital media marketing focusing on real estate and architecture. 

Our team includes a group of professional photographers, videographers, and retouchers with extensive experiences across architectural and real estate settings. We are committed to providing exceptional services for our clients.

Our team showcases a high standard of skill - from onsite photoshoots to digital post-production combined with our cloud based server to ensure a consistent and smooth delivery.

We create profitable, high-impact digital marketing campaigns and products that get results. We do this by using good design, marketing strategy, and psychological principles to change behaviours.

Our clients are in the process of digitalising their business operations and looking for a partner who can help them stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing environment. They can focus on what they’re passionate about and we can take care of the rest.

Harpreet Singh Blankcanvas production