Aerial photography

Capture most beautiful parts of your house

Homeowners want to showcase the best features of their property, but what if the biggest selling point goes beyond the property, to the private neighbourhood, expansive lands, beachy location or picturesque views? Taken from great heights not accessible by people, aerials paint a full picture of the property that you can’t capture with regular, on-the-ground photography. 

So, here are 3 ways aerials can up your listing photos game.

aerial photography nz

1. Location

If your property is located on an elevated ridge, within walking distance to the beach or nestled on a hectare of private land, then you’ll want to highlight these highly saleable features through aerial photography. Aerials are fantastic at emphasising the scale of your property and its natural surroundings. 

2. Neighbourhood

Aerial photography can also highlight the surrounding neighbourhood. After all, the neighbourhood does a great deal in shaping your experience of living there. You’re not just selling a property. You’re also selling an experience. Is the property set in a private, gated neighbourhood? Are there green spaces, reserves, parks, football fields or schools within close proximity? Graphics can also be used in combination with aerial photography to clearly point out local amenities within close proximity to the property. 

3. Property

In addition to capturing your property’s surroundings, aerial photography can also capture your property in its full entirety. This is perfect for properties with luxurious pools, well-maintained gardens, dual access driveways or expansive lawns for further developments. Graphics can also be used in combination with aerial photography to highlight precise boundaries of the property, its land or subdivisions.